SD card video broken in App for some cameras on Android 7.1


Sometime since the last two (?) Wyze app updates, the ability to view SD card video is BROKEN. Attempting to do so results in a permanent “loading” dialog (with the video in the background), and nothing on the screen is responsive. You have to back out of SD video view.

This occurs on an Android 7.1 (only), with Cam Pan v3, and Doorbell v2. The issue is not present on Cam Pan v1 or Can Pan v2. My Android 13 device does not exhibit the issue.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app, and restarted the cameras.

Current Wyze app version:
Cam Pan v2 Firmware:
Doorbell v2 Firmware:

And, yes, I did check. In the Google Play store the App is listed as supporting Android 7.0+. No suggestions to buy a new tablet please.

Anyone else?

Hello @PanCamJeff

You are correct Android 7.0 is supported, it is the lowest supported but it is supported. It also looks like you are on the most current app and firmware. I have not seen this issue reported yet. I would recommend contacting support on this and if you send in a log from the device that has the error for each cam and it is doing this to and post the log numbers here I can also get it looked at from this side.

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Thanks for responding!

I have a ticket open with support, but the only reply from them so far seems to be a canned response (check my network, force close the app, reboot my device, etc.). I do all that stuff before contacting support. I’m awaiting their next response.

Wyze Ticket 3649901

Anyway, what I did was try to view SD card video on a device, back out of the issue, and then create a log for that device. Three logs below. Let me know if that was the correct procedure.


1310989 (Cam Pan v1)
1310991 (Cam Pan v1)
1310994 (Doorbell v2)


Thank you for passing along the info, I will get it to the engineers and see if they can find the issue.

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I hope so, because Support just asked for the log numbers, and said when they get them they will be closing my support ticket because they cannot offer anything further.

Without an open ticket number I have no way to follow up on this.

So, to quote a movie line, I’ve got nowhere else to go, LOL.

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They do close to the same thing I am going to do. The main difference is they send them over and won’t hear anything back, that is why your ticket gets closed. I send them over and have time to nag them about it.


Jason, I thought I would provide an update…

The newest version of the app probably did not include a fix for this issue, but I discovered today that an update to the app was available via Google Play (v2.49.3.399). Did not resolve issue.

Anything new on your end?

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I do not have any new ideas, I do know they are still looking into it though.