Pan Cam with SD card cannot view playback

I have Pan Cam with SD card and it runs firmware I use Android app. Until this update was able to playback from SD. Now it fails to connect when I try to view the playback timeline and finally resets the Pan Cam! It does this every time I try to access playback.
However there is another confounding piece. At the same time as the firmware update, I added a Cam v.3 to my system and activated a free trial of Cam Plus service. I only asked to signup the v.3, but am surprised to see that my Pan Cam is available in Cam Plus - and I am able to view past events (apparently these are not from the SD card).
So maybe the new Pan Cam firmware is at fault or maybe the Cam Plus software is messing it up.
Can I rollback the firmware?
I’m very unhappy that I can’t figure out a way to submit an actual bug report to Wyze.

Hi @DrGlenn, you can submit a log by going into account, then Wyze support, then submit a log. I will leave a link below on how to submit a log.

I submitted a log yesterday, but I did not have a ticket# for it.

It started to work again a few days after my last post. That is, I am now able to view playback from the SD card. I didn’t explicitly update anything. I wonder what the failure was all about?

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