Sd Card Save Error

Using an S24 Ultra with the new v4 camera. Everything is updated. When trying to save a video from the sd card I get the error “Save Failed”. I have cleared the app cache and the cache thru the app.

Did you give the Wyze app permission to save to your phone storage? The phone (NOT the Wyze app) should have asked you that the first time you tried to save anything.
You can also access the permissions from the phone (not the Wyze app) settings > Apps. Select the Wyze app and then app permissions. Your phone may word things a bit different, but on my phone, the setting needed is “Photos and videos”.

You can’t save videos from the SD card. When you start to play the video on the SD you need to tap record and then stop when you want to, videos will be saved to device media gallery. You can save event video clips from the events page.

Yes I did.

I wasnt clear in my description. Your answer is how you save all video’s. Thank you.