Wyse Cam Pan v3 - can't save photos


Configuration . . .
Cam Pan v3, firmware, SD card installed and formatted
V60 ThinQ, software version V600VM30e

I want to save photographs, this rarely happens. I always get the message ‘Footage saved to your device’, but nothing actually happens. Once in a blue moon I will see a photograph under ‘Album/Photos’. Even rarer is when it saves to my phone.

Apparently(?), the ‘SD Card’ tab is for video, only.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Make sure that the Wyze app has permissions to the Photos and Videos folder. This can be found in Settings>Apps>Wyze App>Permissions

When you take a photo from the camera the image should save on the devices picture gallery.

From Android Photo Album

It can also be seen in the Wyze App Album under the photo tab. (Scroll the menu bar to teh left to get to the album icon)

The SD Card menu item is for access to the continuous playback feature when an SD card is in the camera.



I understand that is what is SUPPOSED to happen, but it doesn’t.

Here are my permissions in Settings . . .

Ok. I’m not sure I uploaded that screenshot correctly. IF I did, will you guide me further?

Thank you.

This is a bump. Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks!