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I used the “Take Photo” button on the Wyze Cam app. When I then Share the photo to my e-mail, it sends me a very small low quality picture. I actually get a much higher resolution picture displaying the Photo on the phone and doing a screen capture. Is there a way to get a higher resolution photo sent to me?

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The photo redolution depends on your phone’s screen resolution.
Also, portrait snd landscape are different redolutions.
On my phone a portrait photo is 1440x810, landscape is 2792x1440. Both are plenty for sn emailed pic.

How are you sharing the photo by email?
Android or iOS phone?

I have learned a little more on this issue. I have both my ver 2 and ver 3 cameras in the HD mode when I hit Take Photo in the app. I bring the micro sd cards to my computer and download the files. The ver 2 file is 1920 x 1080 and roughly 490K in size. The file from the ver 3 camera is only 640 x 360 and roughly 32K in size. This explains why the photos from the ver 3 camera look so bad on my computer monitor.

It appears to me that the software for the ver 3 camera is saving the photo files at the SD resolution for some reason. Sounds like a bug in the app to me for the ver 3 camera.

The “photos” that you take while viewing your camera are saved on your phone not the SD card.

The photos on the SD card are just the thumbnail images you see on the Events tab. *

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    That statement is incorrect. The thumbnails are not on the SD card.

When you are on the Wyze cam app seeing a live view, there are several icons under the live screen. Sound, Record, Speak, Take Photo and More. When you hit the Take Photo on the Wzye cam app, it takes a picture for you from the Wyze . When you hit the More Wyze cam app button a menu comes down with the options, Motion Tagging, Album, Time Lapse and Turn Off. If you then select Album you have the options of Videos or Photo. The photo you just took will appear in the section. These photos are stored on the micro sd card if you have one installed in the Wzye camera. You can then eject the micro sd card, stick it into your computer and down load any photos or videos you took. Believe me, if you do this, it saved on the micro sd card. This is the best way to get high quality videos and photos from the camera.

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I did some testing since reading your reply.
Photos get stored on the SD and the phone at different resolutions. Why, I have no idea.
The videos don’'t seem to be stored on the SD. I recorded a 10 second video from the Live camera. It was stored on the camera. A 1 minute motion event video was on the SD card that covered the same time frame as my 10 second video. Maybe that’s why my 10 second video didn’t store to the card.

In any case, I use the photos/videos that get saved to my phone as getting at most of my camera SD cards is not easy.

Back to the original problem, low res. photos from the V3. What resolution gets save to your phones gallery?

I did not realize that when I hit Take Photo that it also saved it to my phone as well as the miro sd card. I was going to try out your idea, so I pulled up the ver3 camera in the Wyze app and was notified that there was a firmware update. Note that I upgraded the firmware yesterday, which was the first day of my ver3 camera’s use. Low and behold, after the firmware update, now the ver3 camera photos are the same resolution as my ver2 camera’s (1920 x 1080 and roughly 490K in size). It also seems that the photos do not save to the micro sd card anymore.

I actually deleted all of the photos from the micro sd card on my computer. I put the micro sd card back in my computer and took some more photos. When I ejected the micro sd card and put it back in my computer, not only were the new photos not there, but several older ones were put back on the card.

Now I wish I had tried this out before I updated the firmware, but too late now. Problem solved, I guess.

Well, that’s good, I guess. :slight_smile: