How to get 1080p picture


I have the WyzeCam v2. The spec sheet says 1920×1080 (1080p) full HD. The image resolution seems to be much worse than that. A saved picture is only 1080 × 607 (worse than 720p)

how can I get 1920x1080?


How did you save the picture? What are your video settings set to? I just checked and my pictures taken with the “take photo” button are the 1920x1080, cameras set to HD.

I suspect your camera is operating at lower than HD settings.

no. I chose HD

I press the “take photo” button while watching a live stream on the Android application.

I seems I get different resolution whether I take the picture in full screen mode or not.
Sometimes it’s 2164x1080 and others it’s 1080x607

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in full screen or not. But it seems the app starts in SD (even when you chose HD as quality) so if you press the take photo button too quickly after launching the app, chances are you’ll get a low quality picture.
Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to force the picture from being taken in 2164x1080, you have to be lucky

Here is a picture I took with the camera set to HD.

Mine are 1929x1080, set to hd. I haven’t seen the 2164x1080 via Wyze before.

Same, I get the same resolution you do.

what’s the resolution of your phone? I have a Galaxy S10e and 2164x1080 might be the screen resolution… as if the Wyze app did some sort of screenshot.

My screen resolution is supposed to be 1080 x 2280 but maybe 2164 is when you remove the punch hole bar.

My phone screen resolution is 2436 × 1125 px but the file info utility I was using reads the native resolution of the file itself.

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My pixel 3 res is 1080 x 2160, Android 10. I open the saved photo that Wyze app created in the gallery app, then swipe up and it tells me the photo info.

Can you post a photo that your camera took on here?

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Here is a picture from my wyze cam taken on my Galaxy S10e.
On my wife’s Galaxy S8, I got a picture with 2220x1080 pixels.

OK I think I found the problem.

When the “enable hardware decoder” option is enabled, I get the weird picture resolutions.
When it isn’t, I get 1920x1080.

So I think when it’s enabled, the application is not able to grap pictures from the live stream, and instead fall back to taking screen shots of the phone screen.