Taking picture

How do you take a picture if you are watching a recording? I only see the take a picture if it is on the livestream.


Take Photo and Record are both available during Playback mode. At least they are there in the Wyze Beta app

Here, I am Recording during Playback

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Should be there if via playback, bottom rightish. Not in 12 second clip Gonna have to screen shot your screen for that one. Or go to the spot on the timeline in playback that the event occured and take photo there.

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So do I have to have the SD card for playback? I purchased the monthly subscription so I thought I wouldn’t need an SD card.


For playback via app to work, you need a SD card in the camera. For CMC, you don’t need a SD card. CMC/cloud recording and SD card recording are two separate things that are Independant of each other. Each way of recording has their pros and cons, it’s up to each person to decide what works for their situation. I have all only SD card recording, don’t use CMC yet.

You may want to create a wishlist item for the feature request for the take photo button from the cloud event viewer to gauge interest from the community and let Wyze know that it’s wanted.


Welcome to the community, @smterry04. There is an existing #wishlist request that may interest you listed below. You can vote for it at the top-left of the topic. In the meantime, you could use your devices’s screen capture function to get a picture. I have done that several times myself.


I used the photo buttom to take a still picture… but the jeg is below sd resolution. The pic has only 600x337 and file size is 428kb. the stream is set at HD.
I was expecting higher resolution pic given the sensor is capble of 1080p
Any way to have option increase the resolution?

Okay, so here’s what I did, using a v2 cam:
a) took a 10 second video at 360, then a photo
b) took a 10 second video at SD, then a photo
c) took a 10 second video at HD, then a photo

I took the video, then the photo, then switched to the other resolution, then i went to phone’s settings for the Wyze app and did a Force Stop, then Storage → Clear Cache, then started the app up and took the next video/photo.

Here’s the “quick” results (simply checking the image’s “details” from the file manager).
a) video: 640x360, 673.69 KB; photo 640x360, 358.17 KB
b) video: 1920x1080, 821.56 KB ; photo 1920x1080, 1.88 MB
c) video: 1920x1080, 990.96 KB; photo 1920x1080, 2.08 MB

I tried following your steps.
They are all same sizes. May be I missed some setting?

Now I see a bug as well.
I do live stream. click on hd button. now I have 3 choices. click what I want. Now I can take video, photo.
so I click video 10sec. stop. take a hoto. both reported saved
so now I go to Album. yes, the vid and photo are there in album page.
now I return live stream after my exploration. here is the bug.
the live stream is black screen but streaming speed is going up and down as there is a no issue.
go back to home page ,and then return to livestream. now Wyze app is trying to connect to the camera.

no luck to connect. just black screen.

only has to go out and relog in.
I think one other member sreported similar issue.

Look like your video file size is much smaller than your photo file

I know … odd right … t thought the “video file” I was looking at was a soft link to where the real video file was stored. So I download the video file to my Linux box, and sure enough, the video files are smaller than the photo image.

If I extend the videos, to say, 60 seconds, I’m sure they’ll surpass the size of photos.

Just upgraded firmware to .111
picture is still same size 600x337. no hd pic.

Have a read through this post. In this post it seemed like the issues were similar and the user had hardware decoder enabled.

Could that be the issue here as well?


You are Correct.
Enabled the hardware decoder is the problem.


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