SD Card not formatting

my sd cards will not format in the cameras. I select format, it appears to format by saying formatting then says format completed but the card still has the same storage capacity used. I have 5 different cameras, 3 won’t format and 2 of them do.

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If you really need to format the uSD cards, pull them out and put in either a working camera or a PC to format.
HOWEVER, there is almost never a need to format the uSD cards in the cameras. I have 28 Wyze camera - all of which have uSD cards that are set for continuous recording. I think I could count the number of times I have formatted any of them on the fingers of one hand, with spares.

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High Endurance Cards:
It is very possible that your cards are developing read/write problems. There is a lot of info on continuous recording that video cards like the ones in our cams are subjected to. Standard data cards are not designed for it and develop problems, and the cards sold by Wyze aren’t High Endurance cards. I switched several of my cams months age and a number of oddball problems went away. In regard to formatting the cards, best practice is to format the card in a laptop device using the program below and the Full or Deep option which will overwrite/repair any bad tracks which the camera option will not. Here are some resources:
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter

one it does that, go into the cmera settings and do the restart camera. for some reaso I have had that happen as well where it says it formatrted, but still shows space being taken up, when I did a restart and looked again it’s as if it read it again and now the card was empty…

that was on a quality high endurance card too just fyi.

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That restart method cleared it to “0.0G” for me, too. My v2 fixed cam with 8gb card kept showing “1.92G” space used after 3 formats that gave no faults.

What does it show? It should show close to what the card size is after a format (roughly, no one quotes what it is after formatting, which takes space). After some time IF the camera is set to record to the SD card, then the space available should start shrinking. But if you format it 1,000 times in a row, it will always show the same space after formatting, so not much info in that statement.

Restart camera after format. It works after that. Probably the cache isn’t cleared on the display.

Bam’s recommendation worked great for me. (All was good after restarting the camera.)

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