Wyze cam SD card write protect

I have been using a wise cam V2 for the last year. I had a micro SD card in the device doing all my recording all the time. About a month ago it stopped letting me view the history that went back about 8 days. I bought a new SD card and put in there and it works fine. However the old SD card when I put it in my computer, I can’t format it. I can read all the old information on there and do with it what I want to as far as that goes but I can’t format it to clean it off and it thinks it’s right protected. I can’t erase any files I can’t delete any files I can’t format the card. I have even got a low level format utility that tries to format it that only gets IO errors now. This card worked for nine months in the camera and then magically it’s write protected. From all my research it appears the SD card has gone bad but why would it go bad? Why would the camera break it and make it not work anymore?

And is there a life expectancy on SD cards in these cameras that is not being advertised? what is the expected lifetime of an SD card in a camera with real-time recording going on all the time with FIFO image replacement?

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Hi @don.white1 and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Understand you tried Full Format and yes, the uSD cards do wear out.


Yes, each storage location on a card has a finite number of times it can be written to. This varies by card and manufacturer. Other environmental conditions can also alter a cards lifespan. Heat, cold, exposure to high humidity and strong magnetic fields.

One of the things that can happen when a card fails is it can “think” it’s write protected.

The following page is a good source of information on SD cards. Just be aware there is no hard and fast lifespan, it’s more a case of usage and environmental conditions.

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Yes. If it were me I’d be very thankful it was still readable, copy everything off, and move on. Good luck.