Wyze cam killed my SD card

Looks like the Wyze cam killed at least one Micro SD card. It’s a PNY 32GB card.

I can see what’s on the card and watch the videos that are on it and that were recorded by the camera but there is no way to delete anything or reformat the card.

I get an error says “card is write protected”.

I tried in the camera, I tried on a PC, I tried in a Mac, I tried registry, diskpart, gpedit. Nothing will let me format it.


Anyone else had had this happen?

When you put the card in a computer, check that the read-only slide switch on your mSD card adapter has not been moved to the read-only position.

Does the card (or standard SD card adapter if you are using one) have a write protect switch on it. I don’t remember ever seeing one on a uSD card, but every full size SD card that I remember has one, as do MOST (not all) micro adapters.


Guys, its a mini sd card. There’s no switch. The card is corrupted.

The adapter that you use to insert the card in the computer likely has a switch on it

Not to be picky, but it’s a micro SD card. The mini SD card is about half way between the micro and standard size SD card. There were only a few devices that used them before the micro sized cards were developed - which was very quickly adopted as the common card. Every once in a while you will see an adapter for a mini card, and you can still buy the mini SD cards, but they are hard to find. Unfortunately lots of people call the micro card as “mini”.

And as was said before, check for a lock switch on the adapter you are using to read the card in your computer.


Very likely the card has reached its write limit, and it is preventing you from writing so what has been written won’t be corrupted.

Did you have it on Continuous Recording, or Record events only? If you really want continuous recording, you need to use a high endurance card; the kind that are recommended for dash cams. If you use record events only, and there isn’t something that is constantly triggering it, the flash should last significantly longer.

If you are really interested enough to watch a long set of youtube videos about a similar problem, here is a link to a youtube playlist about a write protected SD card used in a dash cam. “Write-protected MicroSD Card” posted by SteveAB4EL

TL;DR if your time is worth anything, just buy another card.




it’s a micro SD card and I tried it with an adapter (switch is set to not write protect) and without an adapter directly into my card reader.


Tried in both Mac and pc. Card is only a few weeks old so I doubt it reached its write limit.

I’m 100% sure the camera messed it up.

I figured the card is dead but I want to know what the issue is so I don’t end up just burning through SD cards.

Always run h2testw (I always download from heise.de) on any flash card you buy before deploying it.

Something is preventing me from posting a more detailed response. Lucky for you :slight_smile:


I was researching an issue where there was no playback stored. Since this Cam Pan ate an SD card last year I was ready for the issue. It turns the SD card, a PNY, was write protected. Nothing I could do would make it readable, not on Win 10 or Win XP. Replaced card with an already formatted 32G card and all is well again.

I have 3 Cam Pan’s and only this one has an appetite for SD cards so far.

Oh, BTW, the camera send plenty of events that I sometimes viewed with no problem.