SD card Storage issues

I thought it was just the card I got but I am noticing that as time goes on the SD card gets down to 2gb or less and you cannot format it. I took it out of one camera (v1) and put it on the PC and I could not access it, it was so dead I can’t format it or access it. Now I see it on 3 more cameras with the same problem. I am using the recommended SD cards. Each camera, v1 and v2, I cannot format the card. Says its formatting, but never changes the values. Anybody else see this?

How long are these cards being used in Camera?

If you cannot format them on PC. They probably be toasted.

You can try bit wipe format…not quick format.

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The latest one is less then a month. SD Cards should not die and I have never had any die. I use one in my drone and its 5yrs old, never had an issue. I think the cameras are killing them if they are dead…

Both Wyze and Eufy will eat them.

That doesn’t sound like a good business model. How do I contact support? There support page at zendesk is useless. Tells me the hours but never gives a phone number or a page to submit a ticket.

All flash memory will die after a while. The underlying technology only provides for a finite number of erase/rewrite cycles before the memory cells themselves wear out.

That said it should not happen in less than a month - and certainly should not happen with multiple devices.

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Yes you are correct, but we are talking multiple years, not months

It is perfectly normal for the available space to go down to near zero. Are you really sure that the cards can’t be read or formatted either in the camera or a PC? That does not make sense. Assuming that you are putting the uSD cards into a SD card adapter - are you sure that the write lock did not get slid when the adapter was inserted into the computer (it’s real eazy to do). And yes, if they are crappy cards to start with, they won’t last very long - that includes the Wyze branded cards from my experience. I have 28 Wyze cameras and have only a few fail. All of the failed cards were not proper cards. None of the High Endurance cards have ever failed.

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Call 1-844-999-3226 M-F 5:00 AM-6:00 PM Pacific time. It has been posted on here many times. Or you can pay for the call 1-206-339-9646.

what cards are you using?

this depends on what type of use they are seeing.

I have found that sometimes after an in cam format mine wont change or I will get a “format failed” alert. but if I do a restart on that cam through the app usually it shows that the format did indeed work just fine. but again. this depends much on the cards. our cams put a high workload on the cards and they have to be rated for such use it endure it.

I am using [SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I - 120MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, SD Card ], I did restart the camera and low and behold the card shows correct now. Thanks for that tip, didn’t expect to have to restart.