SD Card missing

I keep getting the error message “Micro SD Card Not Found” over and over again. I have to restart the camera to watch playback but as soon as I do that I loose the entire video history.
I’ve tried several SD cards but nothing works. It’ll work for a short time after I restart the camera but then it stops working and I get the error message again.

My first thought was dying uSD card - yes, they all WILL eventually die. However you said you tried several cards, so second option is dying card slot in the camera - harder to deal with. Can you plug the uSD card into a computer to confirm if the card appears to be live?

I don’t get that one. Restarting the camera has no effect on uSD card recordings.


I’ll have to try it in the computer and let you know. Yeah, the only thing that would work would be restarting the camera. It’s almost like a hard reset I guess

ScanDisk 32GB Ultra


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Try doing a low-level reformat on your card(s) from a computer using the free, official SD Memory Card Formatter app. Select “Overwrite format”, not “Quick format”: Leave “CHS format size adjustment” unchecked. If there is a problem with the cards, a low-level format may be able to rebuild the file allocation table (FAT) isolating and excluding the bad spot(s) on the card. Note that low-level reformatting takes a LONG time to complete.


You also may wish to use high-endurance cards specifically designed for cam use.

Although a longshot, you can also try swapping the USB power adapter in case yours is going bad (undervoltage).

And lastly, make sure your cam’s firmware is current. If you are running a Cam Pan v1, your firmware should be at either or

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Just so you know, the SanDisk Ultra cards are NOT rated for continuous write operations. In fact SanDisk will not honor a warrantee on Ultra cards if they are used in a video camera. That is also the case with several other manufacturers. They do make high endurance cards that are specifically made for video cameras.


The card in the image is not a micro sd card. If your micro sd card used in the cam is ultra, then it probably has failed or will soon