SD Card in WOC

I bought a WOC basically out of impulse as i really did not have an immediate use for it. Have been using a Cam Pan outside and it has worked great till we had a power outage the other night which killed the Pan. So, good time to try the WOC. Have all the notification and event recording issues and have submitted issues to support, but… Where does the SD card go in the camera. I must be an idiot as I can not find any slots on the WOC itself. Have a card in the base, but where oh where does the camera one go!!!

It goes underneath the camera, it’s hard to find and open.

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OMG!!! My eyes are not what they used to be. I thought that was a setup connector like on the others, lol. Thank you so much!


It took me a minute, too. They hid the slot very well. :joy: :joy:

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