SD Card formatted capacity

I have tried both 32gb and 64Gb SD cards in my wyze cameras (v1 and v2).

I have a new v2 camera and inserted a 64Gb SD card but instead of coming up as 59Gb formatted (which other 64Gb cards came up as in my other v1 or v2 cameras) it only came up as 48Gb. I tried a second 64Gb card and the same happened - only 48Gb. I tried reformatting the SD card in both the camera (still get only 48Gb) or on my PC (where it comes up as 59Gb on formatting in the PC but again only as 48Gb when I insert it into the Wyze camera). Can anybody suggest what is happening and why I am not seeing the full capacity - especially when a similar card inserted into other Wyze cameras shows the full capacity?