Scheduled recording on Outdoor v2 camera freezes after few seconds

Hello everyone,

Was wondering if anyone else have faced this issue. I have 4 outdoor V2 cameras with micro sd cards. I dont have cam plus. I have all my cameras on scheduled recording with motion. So anytime it picks up motion and starts recording, the recording freezes after 3-5 seconds. If its a 12 second recording it doesn’t unfreeze at all. if its a longer recording, after 10-12 seconds it unfreezes. This only happens with the first video of the event. The subsequent videos don’t freeze at all. Any suggestions? I have tried contacting Wyze support but they couldn’t help much.

Any one can help me with this

I don’t have the V2 WCO but I do have the Version One WCO on Cam Plus Lite. Sometimes I turn off the detects motion in Event Recording (Cloud Recording) and it seems to work better since it is not uploading anything to the WYZE server. The cam will still detect and record the motion with detects motion turned off on the app, just don’t turn it off it scheduled recording setting. Of course then you have to check your scheduled recording to see if anything was recorded since you won’t get a notification or an entry on the events page of the app.


Thanks Antonius. I turned off the motion in Event recording and this solved the problem. Now its not freezing for my scheduled recordings with motion. Really appreciate it !!!

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