Cam outdoor v2 scheduled recording playback issue

I just picked up an outdoor cam v2. It’s connected to the Wyze solar panel. All working well there. The camera has full signal to the base. I have a 32gb Samsung card in the camera, no card in the base. I have Cam Plus Lite. The motion events play flawlessly but the scheduled recording events within the album have an issue where the video stops a few seconds in even though the timeline is still advancing and the video doesn’t unfreeze until there are only a few seconds left. Tried restarting, reformatting, etc. I’ve uploaded an example video that demonstrates what is happening. I don’t want to return the camera but it won’t work for me like this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hoping there is a simple fix that doesn’t require more money. :grin:

I’m having the exact same issue with my Wyze outdoor v2. Battery only (not using solar). Using a storage card for storing recordings. Did you ever get this issue fixed?

Is it videos in the event tab that you are having an issue with? Or the downloaded videos from the album?

If it’s videos from the event tab, looks like it might be a connection issue somewhere along the line, or if it’s from the downloaded videos from the album that you got with the schedule recording function, that might be a bad SD card.

I have done a lot off scheduled recording but on my WCO Version 1 cams. Most of the time they will record numerous videos without any pause in the action and some off the videos are 2 min. in duration which is the limit I set the cam at. Other times it may pause for a fraction of a second and then continue without any more stops. I am also using cam plus Lite . I have always thought the issue is when the camera is uploading the cloud video and recording to the SD at the same time that may be the cause for the pause, or maybe backup to the base, cloud and SD recording in combination.
There is a way to test it out. Since the camera will still record to the SD if set for scheduled recording, turn off Detects motion under event recording which turns off the cloud record up load, go out and move around in front of the camera while it is set to scheduled recording for about 1 min. and see if you get a pause free event video.

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Turning off the detects motion tab has fixed the problem! It’s strange that both features can be used simultaneously.


I think scheduled recording was primarily designed for use when the WCO is in Travel Mode with no Wi-Fi but I read here some place it will work with cam also doing cloud recording. I have done both, better without the cloud.