Scale X accuracy?

Scale X - accurate?

Reason I ask: lots of reviews (hosted by Google but apparently sourced from Wyze - can’t get to them on directly) seem to indicate the scale is wildly inaccurate - by over 10%.

(Sure, I know it’s cheap. Not looking for cheap. Looking for something accurate, reliable, simple and well made. Something that would last a long time. My previous non-smart scale lasted 20 years before finally abandoning ship a few days ago, may it rest in peace.)

I don’t have the scale X, I have the scale S. In my experience it has been as accurate as any other scale I have had. I would think the scale X has the same accuracy.

I wouldn’t expect it to last 20 years though, stuff isn’t made to last these days and it’s a budget smart scale. My scale S is definitely worth the money and still going strong


Based purely on reviews, Scale X’s accuracy seems much worse than that of other Wyze scales. I am hoping Scale X owners can chime in.