Unable to navigate to reviews

Can’t seem to get to reviews for a product (Scale X in this case) - anyone else seeing this?

Tried in Chrome 112 and Safari 16.4 - same results - the link is not clickable, does not have an option to right-click - open in new tab - seems their JS code has a bug. Didn’t try other pages. Is there a direct URL to get to reviews?


Interesting, it seems the scale X page doesn’t have a reviews section either. Other pages have review sections near the bottom and that link scrolls you down there. I will bring this issue up and let you know when I get a response.

If you had any issues with the scale feel free to post them here.

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I don’t see it on there either, I am checking with the team on this right now.

Edit: The team has it fixed, the reviews should be showing again.


Thanks Jason!

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