Scale not reading composition data regularly

I find that the scale often does not read composition data when it gets into the BIA step. I see the little dashes go across the screen but reports nothing. It works probably 50% off the time or so. Regardless of if the app is open on the phone or not. No difference there and it’s not set to only read if app is open. I had an $18 Etaekcity scale right next to it for 2 weeks…Etekcity reads every time. Measurements are close…when the Wyze provides them. (Let’s not talk actual accuracy)

Hard floor, level, clean scale, no prosthetics, etc. Dry feet…maybe…but dampening them does not improve success.

I noticed: if the dashes go by twice on screen…it fails regularly. If they go by 3-4 times, presumably increasing measurement time, it is successful 100% of the time. Could it be, there needs to be a programmed increase in measurement time for increased success? Hmmm?

Here’s the fix for this. An update wiped some data which needs to be updated.

@vtester Wanted to thank you for this. But I did fix this issue a while back. It’s still inconsistent as to when it reads comp data. Sometimes yes sometimes no. Can’t quite determine if it’s just me, or something else. Anyway thx for the response. Cheers.