Saving videos for longer than 14 days

Hi, I have cam plus and it looks like the video history of events stored on the cloud is limited to 14 days and I need it going at least a month back. Is there a way to export them so they can be saved somewhere longer? I imagine integrations with cloud providers is too much to ask for, but is there any sort of a simple api / has anyone gotten a script to do a daily download of all recorded videos? Any other ways of getting around the 14 day retention limit?


Nothing automatic. You can record them one by one to your phone.
Better solution in my opinion is to put uSD cards in your cameras and when there is something that you need to retain, copy from the uSD card to your computer. For example, last Friday evening, I eyewitnessed a hit and run traffic accident. My dashcam caught part of it. I copied the appropriate file to my PC for safe keeping.