Saving and retrieving clips

Hi there, Can someone clarify the saving and archiving process? I have a card in the camera but that folks up quickly and I believe it gets rewritten ever 7 days. When I kook in events for 3 weeks ago, I show no events and can’t scroll to these dates. Why not? I have an annual contract (Plus) to save longer clips. Where are these saved? In the cloud.? If so how does one retrieve them? I have saved important clips to my phone but that doesn’t seem efficient . Can you help with understanding this?

Thank you much.

First of all, for uSD card recording. When the card fills up, the camera will start deleting the oldest recordings to make space. BTW, it deletes recordings in 1 hour blocks. How long it takes to fill the card depends on the size of the card, whether the camera is recording continuously or events only, and the complexity of the video image. By complexity of the image, I mean most how much it is changing. For example, I have a camera inside a safe. The image obviously does not change much! That camera can record far longer on a given size uSD card than a camera that sees every tree, bush, flag, car, pedestrian, etc moving in or near my front yard.

As for cloud recorded events, those are kept for 14 days. After that, they are gone and not retrievable.

If you have important events, yes, save them to your phone or to a computer. For example, I have two Wyze cameras in my pickup truck (driver and forward looking dash). A few months ago someone ran a red light and we met the hard way. As soon as I got home, I pulled the uSD cards from both cameras, copied the files to my file server at home, and retained the uSD cards should they need to be used in court - I put different cards back into those two cameras.


Thank you so much. So helpful!

I have 3 cameras watching my Moms property that she doesn’t live in and I maintain. 2 outside and 1 inside.

I have 2 in my house and another in my Mim’s apartment in Assisted Living to monitor her daily interactions. We had an incident happen and do need this footage for a court case. I have been saving them immediately to my phone and forwarding them to Attorneys. I continue this practice.

I have not deleted them because I wanted to see if I could retrieve them or store them all in the cloud. Thank you for clarifying that I can not.

Appreciate your response!!

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