Downloading a whole day off the cloud?

I am needing to download a couple of full nights of footage due to an incident. Is there a way I am able to do that?

Which camera? SD card in the cameras?. The only way I know of is download one at a time to your phone/device using the app.I have never seen anything for a batch download.

From the cloud or the uSD card in the camera? The cloud recording is events only with 12 seconds per clip and a five minute cooldown between clips. Cam Plus adds to that some, but I can’t tell you exactly what as I don’t use it. If you are recording continuously to the local uSD card, by far, the easiest way is to pull the card and plug into a computer.


You can rewind up to 2 weeks when you are looking at the camera feed itself. The SD cards only save up to 4 days into the past, and what I need it a week ago. I need to turn over the whole day so that it can be reviewed not just the events it captured.

That makes no sense at all ??? What do you mean reviewed not just the events it captured ?

It is what I am being asked for be the authorizes, and one camera didn’t show events but does have footage of what happened.

If your SD card got overwritten after 4 days (due to normal rollover based on the size of the card) then anything over a week is gone. Wyze servers do NOT record continuously. Go to the Events tab in the app. You can go back 14 days for whatever events got captured. No, as @Antonius said there is no way (that I know of) to do a batch download. Just do it now, one by one, before you lose the clips you need.

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What you have said makes no sense. If you can see footage of the day in question, how are you seeing it? If it is on the uSD card, pull that card out right away. As time goes on, that footage WILL get over written.

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