Recordings for Law Enforcement

There was a shooting nearby my home and the State Police stopped by to ask if I could send them footage from specific dates. I don’t have a monthly cloud service and have limited recordings. Is there a way for me to download and send them recordings that I do have?? They are asking for 2-3 hour windows of recordings over a week. I am not sure I can help them.

If you have an SD card and configured your camera to use it, you could copy files directly off it (by removing it from the camera).

If you have the free Wyze event recording (should be on by default?) you can use the Events section of the app to find and download individual motion event recordings one by one (click the download button on the upper right, and then later send the files from your phone).

If you didn’t have either the free Wyze cloud event recordings or SD card recording turned on, then you have nothing to share. Wyze isn’t secretly making extra recordings…

Assuming you are writing to the uSD card, pull the card, hand it to them so they can copy the entire data from the card and return the card to you. That way, they can have the video segments that they want. and they get to do the work of searching for what they want.
This obviously works best of you are recording continuously to the uSD card.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the input!