Samsung Tab A model SM-T510 vs SM-T380

I have both of these Tablets.
On the SM-T380., the Wyze app works continuously without issues
On the SM-T510 (newer tablet), the Wyze app crashes all the time

Is there a software functionality/compatibility issue on the T510?

I wrote in earlier on app crashing and thought it was the cameras or the connection but I got a hold of the T380 and retry to debug this issue: the issue seems to be on the T510.

I have uninstalled and reinstall the app, same crashing on the T510. I’d like to use the T510 as that is faster and bigger screen.

Any suggestions to get this app to stop crashing would be great.

What version of FW are you running?
I had been running an older version and my SM-T510 ran fine, Loaded V2.22.21, started fairly frequent crashing if I try to view a group.

Thanks for your response.
This might not be the forum to ask, would you happen to know how to revert the FW version back to a working version?

find the APK and load it.
There are several sites mentioned on here, do a search.
No guarantee it will work.
My SM-T510 works for the most part, just won’t do a 4 pane group view anymore.