Wyze App crashes when trying to view events on Samsung tablet

Since yesterday’s Wyze App update I can no longer view events on my Samsung tablet. Unistalling and reinstalling app did not resolve this issue. Who else is having this issue with the app on Samsung tablets?

Same here

I had ut happen to 1 of our tablet,we cleaned it out useing one boost, and it works just fine

I am experiencing the same on my Samy Tab A. It has been pushed up to the devs/engineers. If possible can you submit an app log and then post the number here so I can forward that on and it can be added on with everything else that’s been sent on. Thanks in advance!

Thanks but didn’t help.

My log number 493796

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Submitted Log

is 494968


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Android Hotfix Released! - 3/9/22 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum (wyzecam.com)


Same here. Galaxy Tab A7, SM-T500. Bought new last November. Android version 11. log id 495212

Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. I guess you posted while I was gathering data and submitting a log.

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I have to admit it is kind of sobering to realize we could be just one update/bankruptcy/corporate buyout away from having 40+ expensive paperweights.