Stability of group (4 cam) view in portrait mode with latest Beta 2.23.16

As I complained before:

I’ve been “laid up” with Plantar fasciitis (just about recovered thank you) and have had time to monitor how long a group screen stays up.
On my Samsung Tab A SM-T510- It crashes to the Android Home screen when displaying 4 cams in group view after a time from 2 minutes to about 10 minutes.

Today I fired up my Amazon (2019) Fire w/ app V2.19.4 and that seems stable in comparison, having run for 5 hours this morning showing the same group view.

Any ideas WHY??
Does anyone else have problems keeping Group view active?

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Yes! I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T510). It ran flawlessly 24/7 displaying a group of 8 cams (4 at a time) under Android 10 until I updated the tab to Android 11 / Samsung One UI 3.1, then it immediately started crashing back to the Wyze Home screen.

I tried older Wyze app versions (beta and production), older cam firmware, changing group size (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 cams), changing type of cams in group, landscape and portrait orientations, enabling and disabling hardware decoder, networking changes, location changes, cache clearing, uninstall/reinstall, etc., etc. to no avail.

My SM-T510 can display a single cam, either standalone or from a group, without fail. But that kind of defeats the purpose of purchasing a 10"+ display. Rather than going through the pain of reverting the tab back to Android 10 / One UI 2.x, I just went to Costco and picked up another Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 64GB (SM-T500) running Android 11 (different kernel and security) and a more feature-packed Samsung One UI Core 3.1. Those sub-$200 (on sale with rebate) SM-T500 tabs have been running 24/7 for 2 months now while my SM-T510 continues to fail.

I’m pretty sure there’s a streaming problem (buffer overrun?) under Samsung One UI 3.1 and unfortunately, Samsung has no plans to migrate One Core 3.1 to lower-end tablets and phones.

Which OS and UI are you running on your SM-T510?

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Android 11 UI 3.1 :frowning:
$200 is still a fair bit of change for some of us.
Especially considering this started with a $20 camera.

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Wyze should be able to find the issue from the app’s point of view with a few app dumps/logs, but I think they’re treating this as an edge case. The problem is going to become more prevalent as Samsung is pushing hard on getting 3.1 out to most Android 11 devices before the end of the year. :neutral_face:

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