Rules (schedules) Not Saving On Wyze Plugs

Ah. Good. You tested it too? Sounds like a pervasive Android problem maybe. That’s good, it should make it easier for them to address it. (Well, it’s not “good,” but you know what I mean. Haha.)

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I did the following:

  1. Force stop app
  2. Delete cache
  3. Delete storage
  4. Uninstall app
  5. Reboot phone
  6. Reinstall app

This also happens on my wife’s samsung galaxy s9 and will happen on my wife or via 4g LTE. Another user just posted the same issue, which hopefully will validate the issue to support.

Thank you for all the replies/suggestions!

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I came here to report it, but checked to see if anyone else has this problem.

I created a schedule for the plug without an end time and it worked, and then only adding an end time, it caused the crash.

Good, that sounds like more than I would have done. Haha. This should definitely be reported. I’ll tag @WyzeGwendolyn here so that she can direct it to the proper team internally.

In the meantime, you might be able to get the functionality you need by making two rules without an end time. One rule that turns it on and one that turns it off. That seems like a cleaner way to do it anyway, (Unless they change the verbiage) but that’s just my opinion.

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Also crashing for the bulb.

Someone reported a similar problem the other day, and now I’m wondering if the two are related. That one never did get resolved, as far as I know.

The schedules are saved the same way as everything else in the app, which is in the cloud. The Wyze server tells the plug via your internet to turn on or off, based on schedules, button in app, etc. If you login to your Wyze account on a different device, everything will be the same as your other device.

If another user creates a schedule, I think it will only show up for them. The plug will attempt to execute the schedule for each user, depending on their configuration, which probably will lead to weird behavior. That’s my assumption anyway.

I’m still having this problem. To get around this lack of functionality in the meantime, I’ve made an applet on IFTTT. Doesn’t work as well as the Wyze app but at least it works. I’m guessing there’s bound to be more people with this problem after Black Friday.

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I tested this, I see the same bug on Android app version 2.6.42. I have a Samsung Note8 phone.

If you make a new rule, do you see the same problems as this thread? Your rule broke earlier, and I’m wondering if this problem might have caused it to break.

how long are you waiting between the time you adjust the start/end time and when you press the back button to save it. I was having a similar issue a while ago and found that by simply giving the new time adjustment a couple of seconds before I push the back button it would then actually save the new settings.

for me it was almost as if it needed time to send the new adjusted time to the server before I could hit the back button to save.not sure why it did this for me. not guaranteeing a fix, but its a quick trouble shoot to see if that might work for you. I haven’t had an issue since and its just kinda become part of my routine when I adjust things now. just a thought.


This happens to me on a new rule…

It seems to be working now, even when I do it faster.

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good. glad you were able to get it working. :slight_smile:

I found that I am able to schedule a plug rule only if it ends after midnight. I would like to schedule from 4:30pm to 11:00pm, but I will settle for 4:30pm to 12:01am until its fixed.

Yeah I am still seeing the same issue. Support keeps asking me to update to the .62 version of the app, but I only see the .42 version on google play. I’ll search around for an APK since they refuse to link anything new to me.

Ive never gone through google play for the updates? why not just do it through the app?

And how does one do that? I see no option to update via the app.

Thanks for the reply! I only upgrade FW through the app (it’s the only option). Wyze is asking me to upgrade the app itself. Google play is the only option for that outside of an apk mirror site.

The app… not firmware.