Motion sensor no longer triggering Wyze Plug

When I got my Wyze Plugs and Wyze Sense kit, one of the first rules I set up was to have my office lights turn on when the motion sensor detected motion. It worked great until about 3 days ago. When the motion sensor detects motion, the red light turns on and the app says “motion detected” but the light connected to the Wyze Plug doesn’t turn on. I deleted and re-added both devices and re-set the rules and it’s still not working.

If you go to the Account section of the app and click on “Rules History,” what does it show? It should show every attempt to execute a rule and whether it succeeded or not. And if you expand it, you can see whether it succeeded in triggering the devices. That may help diagnose the root of the problem.

I looked through my history and I can see that this rule stopped showing up in rule history after Nov 20. Before that, each event triggered without issue.

Okay, so the rule isn’t appearing in the history at all? Not showing up as “failed,” for example? It’s just absent completely? Hmm… I’m not sure.

What happens when you click on the motion sensor from the home screen? It should show you a history of motion detections, unrelated to the rule execution. Is anything weird there? Is is still logging motion detection today? Do you see anything weird on the 20th?

It’s completely absent from the rule history after the 20th. No failures. I checked the device from the home screen and it shows motion detected up to where I walked in front of it 3 minutes ago. It seems to be working, but device triggers is a little wonky.

Maybe show a screenshot of the rule screen you created? Not really sure where else to look.

Do you mean rule history or the individual actions themselves?

The rule setup screen where you picked the action and the trigger etc.

Yeah, show me where you set up the rule. I just want to make sure the rule makes sense. And do you have any schedule-based rules that might be turning it off, for example?

I’ve included the corresponding action to turn off the lights when no motion is detected as well. Both of these have worked in the past. The only other rules I have are shortcuts but those just involve my cameras, not the sensors.

Okay. I assume you’re intentionally limiting it to trigger the action only between 6pm and 11:59pm? And it’s not working during those hours? Based on your rule, it would not have been active when you posted this, for example.

I really don’t know. Everything looks fine to me.

Do you have any OTHER rules, besides those two? I just wonder if something in another rule is overriding or interfering with those ones.

Yes, I have it set up to where the light turns on only when it’s dark out. No sense in having the light come on with sunlight coming through the window. I can try it again in about an hour, when the rule goes into effect. When I made my original post, it was well within the timeframe. The only other rules I have are shortcuts that I control manually. Those only control my cameras and have nothing to do with the sensors.

Well, if you’ve manually turned the camera off through a shortcut, for example, I think this might affect the sensors, since the Sense bridge piggybacks off of the camera. So it might be relevant.

Can you manually turn the plug on or off via the app? Does that work as it should?

Yes, it works. The odd thing is that everything works except for this particular rule.

The plug doesn’t piggyback off the camera. The sensor does. That’s why I’m wondering if you’re turning the camera off during those hours, for example. That may prevent the sensor from triggering when you’d otherwise expect it to

Unless you are removing power from the camera itself the bridge should still be powered if the camera is turned off in the app

Just for the hell of it, I connected a previously unutilized contact sensor to turn on the lights when open and turn them off when closed. Worked like a charm the 5 times I tried it. Must be a bad motion sensor.

Oh, I thought you said the app was still showing motion every time the motion sensor was triggered. If so, that seems to indicate that the problem is related to software, not related to the sensor.

Yes, it should, but I thought I’d seen a few instances of people saying that this was disabling the sensors, too. I could be wrong, or it may only be in a really specific situation. It’s not an issue I’ve run into personally.