Rule keeps “working” and following schedule after I delete it

Hi there,
My outdoor plug has two power outlets. I had one set up for Thanksgiving/fall decorations and a rule set up for it to go on 3pm to 9:30pm. When we took those decorations down and put up Christmas lights and decorations, I changed the name of that outlet and created a new rule for both outlets. That rule turned on at 20min after sunset and off at 10:20pm. The “old rule” kept going!! The original outlet for Thanksgiving decorations keeps turning on at 3pm! It’s been doing this for more than 4 days. How do I get this stupid thing to stop following a rule that I deleted??

Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then sign out and back into the app. Check your rules, if it shows the deleted rule again try deleting it another time. If not, you may need to contact support to see if they can remove it from their end.

Also, are you sure you created this in rules, and not a local schedule on the plug (plug > settings icon)?

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Thanks, IEatBeans. It looks like there is now a schedule. What is the difference between the rules and schedule? I ask because my other outlet also has a schedule that identically matches my rule and it looks like the rule pushed to the schedule to create it. Until you pointed that schedule out, I never knew it existed and have never used or created a schedule!

So to summarize:
-what is difference between rule and schedule?
-can a rule create a schedule on its own?
-now that I know schedules exist, which should i use, the rule or schedule?

Thank you for the quick reply

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I don’t have the outdoor plug (which is what your using, right?), but on the indoor plugs the schedules run locally to the plug, not using the cloud. They are more reliable for simple schedules, but anything with automations need rules in the cloud. If the schedules page on your plug takes you to the rules page, then it’s the same thing and everything I said doesn’t apply to the outdoor plug. If it looks something like this, then it a a local schedule.

Noted. Thank you. That helped! I appreciate it!

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