Rule History: Is Action from voice command or rule executing

Wyze App, under Account / Rules / History show chronological list of of actions for devices: Succeeded/Failed. But it doesn’t identify if the action was from a Rule-Executing or something else (manual action, voice command, physical operation, etc). It seems to include Rules and voice interactions, but not manual physical operation (manually turning powerplug on).

I have a fan on power-plug outlet that has a Trigger-Rule to turn Off after 1 hour. It seems to works well when we turn the power-plug on manually or via app or voice command. However, sometimes we find the fan running when we didn’t turn it off. All Schedules involving fan were Disabled. I’ve deleted all Schedules to see if there is a difference.
Any ideas on power-plug randomly day after day turning on? Or disabled Schedules still running?

This has not been my experience. I frequently use voice commands to Google Assistant to interact with Wyze devices (turning plugs on and off, turning bulbs on and off, changing bulb brightness and color, etc.), and I don’t see these appear in the Rules History. It’s possible that this is different with Alexa (perhaps since the Wyze app includes Alexa alone in the Account > Smart Integrations section), but that would not be my expectation. I can’t say with certainty, though, because I don’t use the Alexa integration with Wyze.

If I correctly understand what you’ve done so far, then I think deleting the local schedules on the Plug is a good start (here I’m assuming you’re using a newer generation of Plug that supports them; if this isn’t the case, then I think the only other way to create schedules in the Wyze app would be through Rules). If you have any Alexa Routines that interact with the Plug on a schedule, then I would delete or disable those, as well. (Here I’m also wondering if you might have the Plug assigned to a room or device group in Alexa.)

The basic approach I would take is to attempt to eliminate every possible automation that can currently control the Plug so that you can create a single Device & Service Trigger Rule in the Wyze app in order to accomplish your goal of turning off the Plug (fan) after it’s been on for an hour.

One other thing that occurred to me as a possibility: I have my Wyze devices linked to Google Home, which includes several family members in the Household. Because another family member who doesn’t live here also uses Google Home at her own house, sometimes Google Assistant incorrectly interprets her voice commands and turns lights on here when she tries to turn something on there. I don’t know if this is a possibility with Alexa and your situation. I’m just trying to think of situations from my own experience where my smart devices have turned on unexpectedly.