Wyze outdoor plug turning on without any rule or schedule

Hi, I have an outdoor plug (used indoors) that has an internal schedule to turn on and off during two separate times (8am to 10am), (8pm to 10pm). There is also a rule that turns it on for 30 minutes when a climate sensor shows a humidity above 60%. This rule is only active between 11am and 7pm. No other rules affect the plug.

The issue I am having is that the plug is turning on at random times throughout the day and nothing is showing in the rules history. Also, the humidity on the climate sensor is not showing anything above or near 60% humidity.

Is this a known issue being worked on or is there a solution? Please do not suggest that I delete and remake the rule or delete and re-add the plug or climate sensor as a first step. I’ve done that.

Preferred behavior would be for the rules to be followed as intended. Failing that, at least the events should be logged.

This is not a known issue as far as I am aware, I would recommend contacting support so they can start looking into it.


I have the same issue with my plug as well.

Ok I think I came up with a way to ensure the plug stays on. I created a rule for the outlet that I need to stay on that turns the plug on after 5 minutes being off. You get a notice on saving the rule that the action is on the same device as the condition, but, my test has proven it works (as long as Wyze rules work consistently.). Anyway, if you have a similar issue with your Wyze plug deciding to turn off randomly this provides a fail safe to keep it on. I have to say, however, that we shouldn’t need to come up with this kind of rule in the first place.

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