RTSP Playback of SD Recordings

I’m not sure if anyone here is experiencing problems with playback of recordings on SD cards in cameras running RTSP firmware. There is a long topic here: Playback not working - #31 by WyzeGwendolyn which discusses problems with playback for standard firmware and a beta fix. The problem I have is very similar…look at one camera, playback is working, Move to the next and timeline doesn’t show any recordings or shows the recordings on the timeline from the first camera with no videos available.

Is the fix for the standard firmware going to be included in the RTSP version?

I seriously don’t think this is a problem with RTSP firmware. An SD recording should be the identical in formats whether it came via RTSP or stock firmware.

Playback issue is solely the function of the client app, and there is a real bug introduced in the last Wyze app release.

I just hopped through all 12 of my camera’s that are on the RTSP firmware and could not reproduce this issue (on any of them).

I do recall a similar experience on the stock firmware when I just setup the cameras, but after I reformatted and reconfigured my wifi I have not had the issue. I’m using Micro Center 32GB SD cards (dirt cheap) without issues thus far…

Look this video for best explain about that