RTSP - Or a solution that actually works

It is totally unacceptable there isn’t working method of viewing cameras. The website viewer is less than useless - since there is no way to tell it to automatically display, whenever it decides to reload itself, the cameras views stop. Combined with there is no way to control the orders the cameras are in.

It is useless and not a solution.

I have invested in Wzye only to find you rip out the only thing that actually worked - support for RTSP. My guess is Wyze is planning to monetize it. Fine. Get on with it. It’s now been years. I am slowly starting to regret every buying into wyze.

It is high time Wyze stop ignoring this huge issue.

Fix it or admit you’re never going to so I can move on to something else. Great prices are meaningless if the product is trapped with no solution.