RTSP worked good for two days, not anymore

I did the firmware for RTSP on one of my pan cams just to try it out. The first two days VLC played it great, a couple stutters here and there. it immediately loaded the video and played pretty good, (except for the annoying audio-I just muted it). This morning fired it up, and if the picture loaded at all, it would freeze after a few seconds. I tried the turning off and back on RTSP in app. I even tried an older version of VLC.
I was just curious if I could get it on my Windows 7 PC. Doesn’t look like it’s meant to be. It plays fine in the app.
I see a lot of people are having this issue, I’m just wondering why it worked so good for two days and now it’s not.

RTSP cams are also visible from the Wyze app. Do you have the same problems viewing the livestream of the same RTSP cam?

The RTSP camera livestream works fine in the WYZE app. Not through VLC.

Then the problem isn’t with the RTSP firmware.

Do you know that the LAN IP can change? It isn’t a problem with the Wyze app, but it is with VLC.

Look in the Wyze app to find its current IP.

I just checked device info, and the IP address in the WYZE app is the same one I’m using with VLC.

Something else is the problem. That is the same firmware that’s working well with a known good client, the Wyze app.

If you’re typing in the URL, double check the URL, I believe the URL contains the phrase, “live”

Yes it ends in “/live”

I tried “regenerate” a new url, but it keeps the same one. I did change my PW, and double checked it in VLC. Not sure why it was working good, then poof it’s gone today. I didn’t change anything.

That’s the problem. You can’t change your password in the Wyze app. It’s baked in the firmware. If you want to change the password, you have to flash again.

Try your old password.

I changed my password because the original one wasn’t working. I put it all back on my original pw and still the same. What I usually get is if I wait long enough the picture will pop in and immediately freeze. The clock doesn’t count. Every once in a great while it will jump to another frame with a new clock time, and then freezes again.
It’s been sitting on this frame for five minutes now.

I got my RTSP to work on iSpy. I was about ready to forget about RTSP, but it’s working so good on iSpy, I’m considering installing RTSP on a couple more cameras. iSpy has a grid pattern you can use for multiple camera view. I have no idea why VLC quit working for me. If anyone has issues, try iSpy (free).

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@ElectroStrong has a good detailed step-by-step procedure on how he was able to make the RTSP firmware work stable on his setup. He is using ContaCam.

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@SWdanny - Glad you got it working - like @Kaloy stated, I’ve been using ContaCam and also recently started using Zoneminder. Both work well if you have a signal (go to Wyze app, click on camera, go to advanced gear, go to Device Info) strength greater then 70%. I also use TCP instead of UDP for the RTSP stream. Glad to hear iSpy works for you!

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