RTSP not working

At one time I had 2 cameras working with RTSP now I can’t get any of them to work, VLC responds with VLC unable to open the MRL rtsp://xxxxxxxxxx/Live, tried everything I could think of to no avail, Thoughts?

The URL can change if the camera is power cycled. Double check on each camera that the RTSP URL is still the same.

not that

Can you see the live view via the Wyze app?

Yes on all of them

That is truly odd. I just tried both of mine that have the RTSP firmware and they work with VLC just fine. I believe you said you already tried the usual suspects, reboot router, reboot or power cycle the cameras.

Requires some cogitation on my part. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

tried every thing you mentioned, FWIW same thing on 3 different PC’s

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Long shot: are you trying to view from outside your home network? Or from a phone with WiFi disabled?

home network

I would suggest opening a support ticket. As we are all users here I think now you would benefit from help from Wyze directly.

You can open a ticket here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

RTSP is beta, does Wyze officially support it?

Good question only one way to find out. :blush:

Any thoughts on this being a router issue?

If the live view works and the RTSP one does not I would suspect the link or IP address having changed more than the router having some type of configuration problem. That said it is possible I suppose.

In theory, blocking ports (554?) or protocols (RTSP) could kill the connection. Wyze doesn’t say what transport protocol they are using for RTSP (TCP or UDP, with UDP doubtful), nor if they are using TCP do they say what port (usually 554, tho).

I would have also bet on the IP address changing, lol.

Solved, Downloaded VLC media player version 2.2.8-win32.exe. Works like a charm now. I am in the Windows insider program and my PC is running the latest version of Windows that has been released for beta testing , It usually is updated once a week, this is the first time that it broke something, I will report this to the Windows development team. Thanks for all the suggestions, It was driving me nuts

Interesting: I also lost the RTSP feed on my Android phone. I had setup IP CAM Viewer and ONVIFER for the RTSP and both worked until 3 days ago. The WYZE app continued to work!

Generally ONVIFER has to search each socket on port 554 and that can go from 1 to 200+ before finding the correct socket and displaying the camera image.

IP CAM VIEWER usually requires that I first view the camera with the WYZE app and then it will connect.

I’ve been unable to setup my Q-See/Dahua NVR to view the WYZE camera