Rtsp, does it work or not?

Kudos to the wyze team, the cameras are little gems. However the limited record time and cool down are prohibitive for my needs. The card is a nice on board solution, but I would need to build an electronic extender for the micro sd card to make it serviceable, and maybe fake the camera to think it always has 32gb available to prevent overwrite.
Before I pursue that endeavor…

My question,
I turn my attention to the rtsp firmware. It’s not clear to me if beta 2 works or not, reading the boards it sounds buggy. Can I still get the beta one release. Source code?

In a wish list i would like emphasis on a home storage solution, a black box from wyze would be fine, something that’s a non cloud data store, sitting on my network.

Secondly would love an rtsp that’s robust.

Or buy one

What I think he’s saying is that he wants to tap the data lines to the SD card so he can redirect them to his own custom-built storage solution.

Could be. Might be easier to install RTSP would it not?

That’s exactly what I think his plan is.

He isn’t sure if the RTSP firmware could work with off-the-shelf NVR software, so he wants to build his own storage solution and he plans to get the data by emulating the SD card function.

That should work just fine. I had a couple of cameras running RTSP for months and they were fairly stable.

Thanks guys,

The latency on the rtsp is a small problem, but so far so good, Find out in a week or so.

The sd ribbon cable is about 25ft too short but would make for a clean i/o cut in two pieces, thx. Need to add some line drivers to xmit the distance. Looking at a simple arduino nano solution to manage the 32gb Sd so the wyze cam always sees space to record, while maintaining an archive not limited to 32gb.

Thanks again.

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