RTSP + Home Assistant = error levelLoadTimeOut

I just bought a Wyze Cam V3 and integrated it with Home Assistant (without using the bridge)

But half of the time the camera is unavailable, displaying errors like “levelLoadTimeOut” or “fragLoadTimeOut” or just “Error starting stream, see logs for details” (and I can’t find anything in the logs).

The only way to fix the issue is to wait a while and force refresh the dashboard.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a network issue. I have a mesh covering the entire house (Eero Pro Wifi 6) with no dead-zone

If this was mostly in the last 2 days, there was an oauth issue Wyze was working on. If it’s been longer than that, maybe someone else who uses the cams in RTSP and Home assistant can chime in. What plugin are you using through home assistant for this?

I bought the camera 3 days ago but I’m still having the issue as I am writing this:
Forcing a refresh with CTRL+F5 fixed it for now

I use the official integration in Home Assistant, here is my config:

  - platform: generic
    name: Wyze
    still_image_url: rtsp://sabrevois:******@
    stream_source: rtsp://sabrevois:******@
    verify_ssl: false

I just bought another Wyze v3 today, I will install tomorrow to see if I have the same issue

The new camera has the exact same issue. So I have two Wyze v3 and none of them are working correctly, even when sitting 2 feet next to the router.

Got a new error today.

I bought a couple of Wyze v3 cams but run it to Frigate and then to Home Assistant. I can confirm that the Wyze to Frigate connection remains consistent, but the Home Assistant dashboards showing the stream from Frigate are getting similar issues and require a dashboard refresh. I haven’t found good examples of similar error reports, but it doesn’t seem like the HA dashboard is retrying the stream or tracking that the connection is up.