Will the rtsp firmware be updated anytime soon? I love my cams and I would love to keep them updated, but I also use Home Assistant and need to keep them running with HA.

Please Wyze team, release the official FW with RTSP inside!

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The reason it is not included in the official firmware is the RTSP portion is too large. They had to make a separate firmware for the people who wanted RTSP but the drawback was it would be updated less frequently and would not get many new options due to those size constraints.

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RTSP is just a couple lines of protocol in a 128 megs of memory. The reason there is no update is because with it you’re not locked into their ecosystem (like apple). It’s a business model, not a memory issue. But honestly, I can’t tell the difference except that I’m able to view wyze cams on my PC now. Trying to review footage in the app will almost certainly result in a android device being flung against a wall or out into the woods here, so I avoid it as much as possible.

But hey, who cares about RTSP when you can have a fitbit and a scale…

The limited RAM in the cam is the issue, I equated that with too large, here is the actual post I was remembering.

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