Downside to RTSP?

I have 15 V2 cameras at home. All of them have been flashed for RTSP in the last week or two and seem to work fine. I had resisted putting in RTSP firmware because I was under the mistaken perception that you lost most of the “normal” Wyze app functionality. However that does not seem to be the case.

So, other than the firmware not being updated, what if anything is the downside to loading the RTSP firmware?


Nothing. Except that is the downside. For example, the last beta firmware allows for much better motion detection zones. That is the only change that I would miss but if you use tinyCam you would have the same feature anyway.
I only have one camera on RTSP Firmware.


That’s really true? I mean, RTSP is like a year old, isn’t it? Are you saying that no significant features (or necessary hooks for new app features) have been added to the mainline firmware since then?

(I still haven’t played with the RTSP version and am still on old Xnor firmware.)

No. He is saying that there HAVE been updates to the mainsteam code that have not been incorporated into the RTSP code. I really wish Wyze would incorporate RTSP into the mainstream code.

I largely could not care less about motion detection, and person detection, so that is not a limiting factor for me.

It is nice to be able to bring up various groups of my cameras onto my 24 inch monitor of this PC. For example last evening for Halloween, I had a group of six cameras that all have some view of my front yard displaying for most of the evening. Very nice.


I’m saying there’s nothing that I use other than the new detection zones. There may be sensor scale, bulb stuff that I don’t use.

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Thank you. Your answer negates @K6CCC’s false assertion about your opinion. :slight_smile:

@K6CCC 's assertion isn’t false.

That is true but I don’t care about most of the changes.

Yes of course there have been updates. That wasn’t in question at all. The question I had posed to you was whether there had been significant camera features added (that one would miss out on) and apparently in your opinion and for your purposes the answer is mostly no (so his or her interpretation of your response was false). Thanks again.

Since the pull of XNORAI Edge processed PD, and the move to cloud based process, has Wyze indicated whether the RTSP updates coming out will work with their Cam-Plus or PD-Pay-What-You-Want programs?

Since all image processing is based on cloud, what precludes those that want RTSP from also having the Pd function?

The cams I have running RTSP, are generating PD alerts currently, but I don’t know if that’s just because it’s still being developed, or if they will continue to support PD on RTSP.