RTSP firmware, what features are lost?

I would like to put on the RTSP firmware but I had a couple of questions.

Where can I see what version of the real firmware this is built off of? Meaning is this firmware 3 months out of date, 2 years out of date?

What features are missing in the RTSP firmware that are included in the stock firmware?

Almost everything is missing. Wyze does describe what’s missing. You can turn the camera on or off from the phone app, put the date/time and logo on the image and that’s about that it. Your rtsp server software is supposed to do all the motion detection, recording and the like. If it works. Some (many?) of us can’t get the RTSP firmware to work reliably enough to bother keeping it.

Nothing. I honestly can’t tell the difference since we lost person detection. But I have no idea about that with RTSP because I didn’t try RTSP until after Person Detection was removed. Not that I was at all impressed with the person detection. But coming from real security cams, I’ve never been impressed with any of Wyze except the price. And after 6 months of playing with them, I’m not so impressed with that now. The only real value I think may be the pan cams. But I haven’t tried any of the other cheap China pan cams so. But as a second cam, or for a place you wouldn’t spend any real money to watch, it works fine I think.