Is it safe to use the RTSP Firmware?


I have numerous Wyze products and am a big fan of all of them.

I have many security cameras that I record/monitor using RTSP. I would like to add my Wyze cameras by using the RTSP firmware.

I’m concerned that once I load this firmware I won’t receive normal firmware updates that fix security issues and add features. Is this the case?

Are there features that are lost by using the RTSP firmware instead of the normal firmware?

Will RTSP eventually be part of the normal firmware?


I have been using the RTSP firmware for months. It was clearly stated that this fork is capped and will not receive future features (other than security updates). Given that I can use the Wyze app to monitor my cameras (in addition to RTSP) and use the sensors. All the key functionality works.

Furthermore since the data breach I am going to disconnect from the Wyze cloud and use RTSP and my local system until this mess is sorted out.

As we are all finding out, security is not a priorty at wyze :frowning: