RTSP for V3

I’ve had all the wyze products except the vacuum. They’re all cheap garbage that either breaks down shortly after receiving it or just gets shipped to you in an unworkable state.

Case in point the smart watch that can’t perform a simple thing like syncing with google fit. The planned obsolescence window/door sensors that break after the battery dies. The camera they sold everyone with a statement that rtsp would come shortly after release. I mean honestly how dumb are the devs if they can’t do with their own product what 20 other open source devs have done already behind their backs? The “smart scale” Is about dumb as [Mod Edit] since it will give you a different weight with every step onto the scale.

Then finally you have the customer service. The worst part of it all. When you realize just how bad your purchase decision was going with wyze and decide to send the garbage back to get your money back they either shut down returns or the returns page is broken and will return you back to the main page without actually sending your request. I’m sure this is by design seeing how skeezy this company is with everything else.

If you fight for wyze you obviously fight because you have buyers remorse. Don’t feel bad because you bought a bad product from an even worse company just sell the junk to some unsuspecting user and move onto real home automation devices from real companies that that don’t treat their customers like [Mod Edit].

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