RTSP for V3

Heads up. I use TC Pro with 2xv2s, 1xv3 and 1 android cell cam. TC does NOT have its webserver turned on or configured. All 4 of these cams show perfectly from any of my android devices including cell phone and android boxes WHEN I AM CONNECTED to my HOME NETWORK. Today in my doctors office, I was connected to their guest network and fired up TC. None of my cameras were visible EXCEPT for the v3. How does and why does this happen. Note the v2s are running RTSP firmware. Any explanation? Does this mean you we DO NOT NEED RTSP for the v3s by running TC over the internet?

tinyCam does not require RTSP. Make sure you have the latest version of tinyCam, there was a recent issue that was fixed.

This solved the issue for me. Thanks All!!

(Apparently I haven’t looked at Camera Settings in over a year. I missed the introduction of Camera UID, it was easy to setup. Thanks @alexey.vasilyev )

That’s because they’re too busy building watches that have half the features of what’s available on the market already, building vacuums that are not even worth the box that they come in. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about a spotlight for the exact camera people so anxiously have been waiting almost a year to be updated, let alone being able to see something off in the distance at night.

They think that all those products are what customers are wanting, and thus, are priority over something so simple as to provide an update for what I believe is a fantastic camera.

RTSP is the most requested and needed feature that they want out of the camera.

I actually agree with many people who have said in the replies that by providing RTSP would in fact make me want to buy more cameras from them.

I sure as hell won’t be buying their watch or their vacuum cleaner or their spotlight because they’ve already proven to me that they’re not listening to their current customers of their current products, and supplying a basic feature that almost all other cameras on the market offer.

Are you reading this Wyze? Wake up!!

:roll_eyes: you clearly don’t speak for all of us…Wyze is not a camera only company, get over it already…maybe you don’t want those other products but Wyze are certainly selling thousands

[Ipil60R34s], thanks but I think you missed my point. I am going to try going the std FW for the v2s and see if they show also over the internet connection. Maybe I am just ignorant (surely not moronic) but I do not profess to be deep into this and having not read all the posted info everywhere, What I am describing maybe something simple I am not aware of. Could it be that the old v2s are NOT part of Wyze’s PAID streaming service, for which my v3 is NOT being serviced by…that’s got to be it… Anyway, I don’t see why TC works this way on my home network and only for the v3 over the internet. Someone be kind to me and enlighten me please.

It’s because you configured the V2s in TinyCam using the RTSP credentials instead of the regular Wyze cloud credentials. TinyCam supports both. The cloud credentials work everywhere just as the regular Wyze app does.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear with my response. I was referring to this statement of yours:

What I meant was that tinyCam works with the Wyze cameras which have not been flashed with the RTSP firmware. That’s why the V3s show up on your tinyCam app.

@Customer explained better in that tinyCam can work with either the regular Wyze/Cloud or the RTSP protocol.

As for why your V2s don’t show, I have no idea but guessing there is some sort of a tinyCam configuration error.

As for tinyCam, I’ve had the Pro for a long time but haven’t used/updated it lately because it constantly re-arranges my camera sequence.

But I saw here that it now has added a UID field that fixes this problem. And after trying it out, I also found out that it’s much better than the Wyze app for zooming.

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I’ve had all the wyze products except the vacuum. They’re all cheap garbage that either breaks down shortly after receiving it or just gets shipped to you in an unworkable state.

Case in point the smart watch that can’t perform a simple thing like syncing with google fit. The planned obsolescence window/door sensors that break after the battery dies. The camera they sold everyone with a statement that rtsp would come shortly after release. I mean honestly how dumb are the devs if they can’t do with their own product what 20 other open source devs have done already behind their backs? The “smart scale” Is about dumb as [Mod Edit] since it will give you a different weight with every step onto the scale.

Then finally you have the customer service. The worst part of it all. When you realize just how bad your purchase decision was going with wyze and decide to send the garbage back to get your money back they either shut down returns or the returns page is broken and will return you back to the main page without actually sending your request. I’m sure this is by design seeing how skeezy this company is with everything else.

If you fight for wyze you obviously fight because you have buyers remorse. Don’t feel bad because you bought a bad product from an even worse company just sell the junk to some unsuspecting user and move onto real home automation devices from real companies that that don’t treat their customers like [Mod Edit].

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Are you a toy collector, too?

Toy collectors start getting grumpy once they lose interest with a toy.

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haha, I guess I touched a nerve

no buyers remorse here, maybe I’m just reasonable in my expectations.

I have been a customer since launch in 2017. Wyze products still in use: V2 cam, several v1 sensors & bridge, several bulbs (original & color), several WCOs, several plugs, several V3s, Lock, Sprinkler, Doorbell, Thermostat, Band, Watch, Scale…all are working great!

As for customer service, after calling CS, I’ve had 2 products replaced, they were extremely helpful & a pleasure to deal with.

Oh your smartwatch works fine huh? That’s funny wyze even recalled the watches after realizing people were pissed to wear a brick around their wrist. I had 3 of their smart watches in my house and none of them synced with fit except when it was initially setup.

Everyone that bought the window/door sensors went through the zeroed out Mac address on the sensors. Maybe you’re just special and wyze gave you some special devices that magically survived while everyone else had bricks.

Did wyze also give you special access to rtsp firmware on the v3? I mean they are apparently giving you preference above all others.

My v2s continue after 2 years. Time will tell about the v3. Both run hot and the v3 is NOT outside. I do not like that CS is email and forum driven without personal attention but all their people work from home. I also did not care for them tricking me into a subscription service with a automatic CC charge but after a little work that was rectified… All-in-all, for the level of this product, I got what I paid for if they would just RELEASE the v3 RTSP that they say they have been using in house for more than 6 months.

Me, too.

I expect that Wyze app bug fixes result in more bugs :grin:

watch recalled? more lies, I’m on these forums everyday, there’s been no news about a recall

not sure what to tell ya, my watch syncs with fit just fine. Oh that’s right, I have a super secret special watch.

everyone? please…more lies, I know many people still using the v1 sensors

nope, and I’m not gonna cry about it, when it’s ready, they’ll release it


Were they officially recalled? I bought one, but it is at my friend’s place in Texas (I am in Australia). I was waiting for the buds to arrive before I got him to post them to me. Should I be returning the watch?

Clearly you don’t know how to read, or write a valid rebuttal. 3 statements of the 4 you posted, have no relevance to the corresponding points I was making in my post.

And as for me to “get over it already”, if you’re “over it already”, then why are you even subscribed to this thread which pertains to RTSP for V3’s?

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Well I guess it wasn’t technically recalled more like they sent an email to everyone telling them that they could get a refund because it was a huge mess and not working properly. Then when I tried for the refund as per usual the returns process was non functional.

As for your v1 sensors still working congrats. Now go look around online at the thousands of people pissed off about it. I guess we’re all just lying huh?

I also tried working with Shawn over at joshuamullikens GitHub through telegram in attempts to get the wyze scale and wyze watch integrated into the home assistant add-on. It’s just too bad that the scale throws a different weight anytime you step on it with a variation of 10-15lbs.

I myself and others I know have all bought multiple wyze devices and they were all junk that stopped working very shortly after purchase. The only exception is the cameras. They’re literally the only thing that actually works. It’s just unfortunate I was lied to about rtsp firmware or I wouldn’t have bought that POS either.

You on the other hand act as if wyze is either paying you or giving you a really nice reach around to do damage control for their inferior junk.

I’m still here waiting almost a year now for rtsp for the 1 product I have left from these scammers. What are you here running your meat hole for if everything is going so great?

Personally, I haven’t purchased Wyze products in well over a year. I’m not a fan of their closed system and only still use their product because they have RTSP for their V2 cams and luckily someone was able to create an integration with Home Assistant that works “most” of the time. Wyze is great for the non technical or doesn’t enjoy tinkering. I am technical and enjoy tinkering with home automation so I’ve been purchasing from other manufacturers that offer an open API, open standard, or local polling. To each their own :slight_smile:

I’ve not read or posted for awhile… I got tired of waiting for RTSP for my V3 camera’s,

Correct me if I am wrong, but with Wyze opting not provide RTSP to V3’s or Doorbell Camera’s, perhaps we should steer this conversation to what products can and will meet this need?

Wyze should be upset with this conversation, as it will inform those that are looking for RTSP in a ‘security’ camera. This will be a win for Wyze, as they won’t have unhappy customers that thought they might see RTSP on a V3, and steer them in the direction of products that will meet that need.

That said, what products out there are a good replacement for the V3 Camera’s, that support RTSP?


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