RTSP drops daily - forced to restart camera

I am using ContaCam (great product by the way) to monitor all my wifi cameras. I just got a Wyze CAM V2 for Christmas and install the RTSP access so I can us it with ContaCam.

I got it all working and had great throughput using SD on the camera.

Unfortunately at least once per day the connection is lost from ContaCam. I can still connect from the Wyze App. However, ContaCam can not reconnect. I am forced to restart the camera from the Wyze App and then ContaCam can connect once again.

Anyone experienced and solved this type of connection issue with RTSP?

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I had similar issues with TinyCam, it was constantly dropping frames and then disconnecting. I hadn’t seen it not be able to reconnect without rebooting, however the problem was so bad that I only let it running like that for a day.

I know the RTSP firmware page mentions if you’re having problems there’s a second version of the firmware you can try.

In the end I gave up on that and loaded a 3rd party firmware off GitHub. That comes with its own set of issues to overcome (tweaking streaming settings to get consistent connections, and day/night detection), but I was able to get better RTSP streaming out of it. It also completely disconnects the camera from the cloud.

Thanks for the tip, will add on the list of surveillance software to try when I’ll finally have extra camera to test the RTSP firmware.