Running Wyze Cams with Synology Surveillance Station using RTSP - disconnect problems

I have a Wyze v2 & Wyze Pan connected to Surveillance Station running on a Synology DS218play NAS – I’m using WiFi.

The cameras connected fine initially both one or both seem to lose connection after a while (the Pan seems to more often disconnect). To get the cameras to reconnect, rebooting the cameras doesn’t work – the only thing which makes them reconnect is to reboot the Synology NAS, nothing else helps.

I’ve installed the latest Wyze RTSP firmware, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I also decreased the image quality & rate, no real difference.

I searched the Synology Forums, one other user had the same problem but no responses were posted.

Anybody else having this problem? Any tips?

Thanks in advance,



Hi, I’m new to Wyze cams (just bought and installed to Pan Cams this morning) and I also have a Synology NAS and was wondering if you have found any solutions to this problem. I’m planning to convert my two Wyze cams with this new beta firmware soon so that I can integrate it with Synology and Blue Iris.