RTSP - "Camera not connected"

Been thru it 3 times but always the same.
Can view & control the pan cam with the app, but when I go to turn on RTSP the message Camera not connected comes up.
YES - I have reloaded the pan RTSP bin 3 times. Camera says it is connected but when I go to the setting to turn on RTSP, that when the "not connected message pops up.
Can view the cam using the app.

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I have 6 wyze cams with RTSP setup working fine with Blue Iris, today Iā€™m trying to add a new camera and have the same issue, I wonder if anyone has and older version of the Pan RTSP Firmware?

Wonder if it is the RTSP Firmware bin file or is it the latest version of the app?

Yes, installed Wyze 2.9.20 beta and was able to toggle RTSP.

same issue, can anyone confirm working with 2.11.32 BETA app?