Reliability of accessing the PanCam via RTSP (using firmware "")?

As the subject line indicates, I am running the Beta RTSP firmware on the PanCam and I am experiencing connectivity issues with the camera. The ability to view the RTSP stream is sometimes hit-or-miss!

I have V2 Cam’s running the same equivalent firmware and they connect all of the time without issue!

I have used multiple PC, Android, iOS, Linux Apps and tools and the PanCam is consistent in its lack of consistent RTSP stream accessibility!

Also, all of the WYZE camera I am using are connected via a WiFi network that has restricted their access to the Internet and access to the WYZE Cloud!

I can (and do) enable access to the Internet on certain cameras whenever I need to change a camera’s setting or view the inserted SD-Flash’s video recordings!

Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

The pan cams are unreliable RTSP feeds, I can reliably view my v2 cams flashed with RTSP, the pan cam, comparatively, is hit and miss. I use HomeAssistant and have no issues viewing the RTSP feeds on v2s, but the Pan Cam feeds are 50/50.

I was very disappointed that Wyze hasn’t learned anything from the the RTSP debacle on the v2s and the v3’s didn’t get RTSP as a standard feature, it’s going to be another abandoned stepchild firmware.

I’ve also run into several cams that won’t even load firmware as the boot loader will not initiate.

Wyze has no answers, other than RTSP isn’t a supported feature, they seem unable to understand the use cases or applications that need RTSP. We were told that there was insufficient resources in the v2 to include RTSP in the standard firmware, now the v3 is in the same boat…wonder what the rational is now?

Apparently, issuing a one time RTSP firmware that if used will lock you out of any new features is just fine.

Hello Again,
I may have hit upon a “work-around” for my inconsistently performing PanCam V2!

Using a WYZE Plug (I recently purchased at bunch of plugs at HomeDepot for $9 for the 2-pack!) I now reboot the PanCam every morning at 5am and I no longer experience the strange connectivity issues with the camera throughout the rest of the day, until it reboots at the next 5am occurrence!

I have a simple Alexa routine that runs everyday that turns off the WYZE Plug the PanCam is plugged into at 5am and back on at 5:01am!

It’s a “hack” but it seems to work!

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