I hope this is the correct forum, but I had a question. I have two v2 Cams and one v2 pan. I have both the normal cameras working. I flashed the firmware for the PAN version and it was working. When I moved the camera to the location I want it to be, I couldn’t get Blue Iris to reconnect. Nothing had changed, IP was fixed, The camera works on the APP. The settings in Blue Iris are exactly the same as the other cameras. But I cannot get this camera to reconnect. Blue Iris says the IP is not responding.

RTSP is enabled
I have reset it
I have re-flashed the firmware
I have removed the PAN Cam from the app and added it
Same configs as the other cameras that are working
The wireless signal is strong, consistent and I have tried both HD and SD qualities
I even forced it to move to a new IP on the network

it seems that as soon as you unplug a device and plug it back it, it because undetectable by an RTSP server. I had to unplug one of the others and now it is doing the same thing. No IP scanner can see if the IP is running, you can’t ping it, but the phone app sees the camera just fine and report the correct Ip address.

I had the same issues. My problem was my Asus router and something called “airtime fairness”. If you have an Asus, search for it on this site.

Interesting. I don’t have ASUS, but I did look that terminology up and it seems like this is a WiFi standard implemented to throttle wireless access to AP’s with clients numbers in the 10-15+ count. I have UniFi AP’s and I did scour the settings in the AP and do not recall seeing this, it seems this might be an “advanced” feature, requiring me to enable “Professional Installer” options.

I will check tonight and see if I have that setting. From what I have read, it sound slike these do, but they are disabled by default. It will be interesting to see.

Thanks for the information!

I’ve got Unifi USG router and UAP APs, aside from static IPs for almost everything, I just left all the settings at default. To test your issue I unplugged one of my V2s running RTSP and left it overnight. When I plugged it back in, it was immediately reconnected to BI.
When I get the no feed in BI usually rebooting the Wyze cam through the Wyze app is all it takes to reinitialize the feed

Yeah it was weird. I literally had to take the two cameras, reset them, created a hotspot using my cell phone, added them to that network, added them to the app, got a new IP from that wifi network, then reset them again and added them back to my wireless network.

Now they ping and have been working in BI for a couple of days. So I have no idea what the issue was. I tested everything before doing that. The WYZE cameras are the only devices I have ever had issues with, so I am not sure what the cause was.

Same thing happened to me. To fix it I deleted the camera, and copied a working V2. I changed the ip address and name, and boom working video. Are you able to pan and tilt? I can’t…

Pan and tilt requires the ONVIF protocol to be incorporated.