Issue with RTSP and 6 Wyze Pan Cams w/Blue Iris

I recently replaced all 6 of my aging IP cameras with the Wyze Pan cameras and installed the beta version of the RTSP firmware so that I could make them work in Blue Iris. I set them all up with a static IP and they’re all up and running. However, I’m noticing significant slowdowns and disconnections, even the ones that are near the router. Now this router is no slouch, I just upgraded to a NetGear AX12 but I’m replacing it with an Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 because I’m not a fan of the NetGear. I’m not what’s going on through. Its definitely not the computer controlling Blue Iris, it’s an i7-8800K overclocked with an RTX 2070 Super and all 6 cams running at HD utilizes about 10% CPU. It seems like the data streams speed up for a little bit and then slow down to 0 for a bit, then bounces back. The cams can’t seem to maintain a steady stream. Suggestions?

Even tried using the DaFang firmware hack…that actually made it worse. I tried both the beta and non-beta Wyze RTSP firmwares, neither work well. All the Wyze cameras stream for a few seconds then stop for like 10-30 seconds, then resume for another few seconds and then stop. Rinse and repeat. I thought these cameras were well executed at first but I guess I thought wrong. You really do get what you pay for. Boxing all these up and sending them back.