V2 Cameras running latest RTSP dropping connections from BI every few minutes

I finally added 4 v2 running the latest v2 cameras to my Blue Iris installation. If I watch them on the BI screen I see each of them work for a bit then apparently lose connectivity showing No Signal on each of the four randomly. Rarely at the same time, was thinking it was an AP issue but two of them are on one AP and the other two on a different AP.
I heard there were unresolved issues with their RTSP implementation, is this what I am experiencing? Thanks, Bill

Yes, the RTSP connections seem to drop frequently. Do a search of the forum and you’ll find many such complaints.

Thanks! My initial search was too broad and I got mostly complaints about v3 cameras not having RTSP returned. I have now found a decent thread. Is Wyze just ignoring the issue?

Wyze has stated that, to them, RTSP is a one-time project and not part of the main firmware tree. They have stated repeatedly that it will receive minimal attention, if any. I don’t expect much improvement on it, although there have been one or two updates since it was first released.

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Precisely. The second, recent update to the V2 RTSP firmware was an unexpected and pleasant surprise and addressed multiple issues, but we can’t expect more. They haven’t even gotten the RTSP for the V3 camera - the one they’re actually still selling - out the door.

You can try the Dafang Hacks firmware instead…

I see the same thing on my V2 cameras with RTSP. It is highly annoying to me that Wyze just absolutely insists that no one wants to use anything but a phone to watch their cameras. This despite the fact that watching on a computer is an EXTREMELY common request.

BTW, the camera connectivity is no better using the Wyae app. It’s just not so obvious as it is on Blue Iris. Watch the clock some time, and you will likely see that the live video really does pause on a VERY regular basis.

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Dafang is definitely an option, but you must way the pros and cons. First, it completely divorces the camera from the Wyze milieu which can be a pro or con depending upon your needs. With Dafang, you won’t be able to use any of the Wyze sensors since the hub isn’t supported by the firmware. It has FTP and Samba connectivity built-in which provide flexibility. Also, has a web interface for configuration and viewing.

I tested it for a while but saw similar drops, but that could be my test platform: raspberry pi and motioneyeos. Still, it’s easy enough to go back to stock should you decide to do so. Same flash process for Wyze or Dafang. One caveat, I seem to remember reading there was a change in the V2 hardware which may prevent Dafang from working on some cameras.

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That is an interesting point. I thought it was just me.